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Jan 14, 2022

Jason Rush, ADB’s Team Leader for Communication, Knowledge and External Partnerships in Southeast Asia, started his career as a lawyer in the United States. He then moved to Asia, focused on communication work in UNICEF, others before joining the Asian Development Bank.

In this episode, Jason explained the impact of analog to digital transformation in large organizations. While communication has changed from one to one community meetings handling out brochures to talking thousands of people over Zoom across the globe, large organizations had to re-think communication strategy and their views about social media.

Our need to communicate better is ever more important now, especially for climate change and any successful initiatives. He explained why making communication easier to internalize, digest, and make it interesting is also essential. His message: climate change is real, and due to the pandemic, a lot has opened their eyes to what is happening, and with the proper communication, we might make a real change.

Please listen in to find out more.

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