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Oct 14, 2021

In this episode, I was able to hear two scientists' views on the future of electric batteries, their safety, and racing. 

Dr. Xu’s research group focuses on Lithium-ion battery safety, design, and development of multifunctional energy storage systems among others. Dr. Mesbah Uddin, Professor, and Director of NC Motorsports and Automotive Research Center at the University of Charlotte. 

We discussed internal and external stress on batteries, and how short circuits can lead to thermal runaway—or very fast temperature increases—that can eventually lead to a fire in a battery even when the car may be just parked and not even running. What are the probabilities and what are the battery safety options that protect us from those risks. How the industry is operating without a single overall safety standard and why it is important to stick to large brand batteries. 

He explains why the cycle life of the solid-state batteries will be much lower than today’s Lithium battery. Dr. Mesbah Uddin explains how the racing industry is slowly taking an interest in electric vehicles and much more… 

If you want to get a thorough understanding of battery safety and racing, please listen in.

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