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May 13, 2020

Solar power in India developed fast and current capacity is about 37,000 MW – a staggering 230 times growth in the last 10 years.

In this episode, Dr. Pradeep Perera Energy Head (India) / Principal Energy Specialist  ADB and Jiwan Acharya, Principal Energy Specialist of the Asian Development Bank share their insight into the Indian energy sector. 

We get their insight, why rooftop solar took longer to develop, and how India invested in billions of LEDs by aggregating demand and reduced prices dramatically. The expert duo also explains the Indian government’s mega plan to establish an EV and battery industry in India.

Our speakers

Dr. Pradeep Perera 

Energy Head (India) / Principal Energy Specialist, Asian Development Bank

Jiwan Acharya, 

Principal Energy Specialist, Asian Development Bank

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